BantuFest | About
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About the Band

BantuFest is a Non-profit Organization fully registered, recognized and active in California state under the USA Government.

“Bantu means a group of people and thus the festival name ‘BantuFest’ literally used to refer to a gathering of amazing people from different walks of life, for a great cause. ”

The BantuFest is a not-for-profit community festival organized by the BantuFest a not-for-profit organisation that showcases the diversity of global music, food, arts and culture, bringing thousands of people together each year in a celebration of life.

Our Objectives

  1. Holding an annual international cultural festival where all Global cultures and tourism are represented.
  2. To spear head campaign against drug abuse in our communities mostly the youth.
  3. To promote culture in schools
  4. Helping with medical supplies in Africa
  5. Helping Performing and creative Artists in Africa through their Unions or Associations.